Local Toowoomba Partner

LRB Tree Services is a local Toowoomba business that prides itself on providing the Toowoomba region with a reliable, affordable and professional service. Our business is often closely linked with other industries and when we can we spend local to support other local companies. This articles purpose is to inform readers of the network of services we provide because of our healthy relationships with other professionals like us.

Local Toowoomba Partner.

Since the last post many opportunities have provided themselves for us to involve our trusted partners in specialised fields that they are more efficient in then LRB Tree Services. One example is a client asked LRB Tree Services to remove a large gumtree at their property that had fallen over during the wet weather damaging the fence.


We were more than happy to help and as a result of our networking channels, not only was the tree removed, the client was able to find an earthmoving contractor to remove the root ball and level the site and a fencing contractor to build a new fence. This all happened over the space of a few days and as the job was the result of an insurance claim, the client, LRB Tree Services and our friends in business all worked together efficiently to achieve a good result for everyone involved in a timely manner.

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