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Tree Pruning Toowoomba

As part of our arborist services, tree pruning is something that we offer to our clients. It’s important that when it comes to any type of tree, it’s maintained properly in order to help protect its growth, whilst helping the environment and any surrounding buildings.

And in scenarios where a tree needs to be removed, it is essential that it is handled by professionals like our specialists, to ensure it’s done safely and with as little damage as possible.

When it comes to tree pruning in Toowoomba, we’re qualified and trained to give you the very best in arboricultural advice, no matter what type of tree you have.

Tree Pruning Toowoomba.

So why prune a tree?


To improve the structure and stability of the tree

This will help to ensure that it doesn’t become a problem for any properties like your own or of your neighbours that surround you.


To reduce the amount of shading that might be occurring in your backyard

Thinning can be great for helping to remove branches where trees are blocking out light but to also help free up space on your property.


For safety reasons

Pruning unsafe branches that overhang can be essential, especially if they are overhanging near power lines and over the property itself.


To remove any defective branches

Otherwise, a disease can enter a tree via the wounds that are left behind.

How is pruning different from tree lopping?

A tree lopper can be a more budget-friendly way of cutting down branches that are growing out of control. As much as this can
be a more cost-effective service, it can leave your trees and your property vulnerable to damage. When branches are lopped, it can also impact the structure and balance of the tree. This differs from pruning because our arborists will ensure that the health of the tree is at the forefront when it comes to cutting those branches at the right point.

Arborist Cutting Off Branches.

Not only is tree lopping a more haphazard approach, but it can also stunt the tree’s growth if done in the wrong hands. It can
end up ruining the aesthetic appeal of your tree, especially
if it takes a prime position in your backyard or on your business premises. Our arborist services will provide the right care, approach, and attention that is needed to help trim the tree
in question down while helping to continue its growth.

With tree lopping services, you might come across those who don’t necessarily have the right qualifications when it comes
to the trees themselves. Every tree type is different,
and it’s important to understand the type when it comes to tree lopping correctly. That’s something that not every company
or individual provides properly, but we do.

Arborist Removing Branches

Why choose LRB tree services?

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Individual approach

Our experts will take a look at the tree you have and will make the right decision on what is best for your tree, whilst also ensuring your needs are met too.

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Best tree service provider since 2013

LRB has also been providing its services since 2013, so you can be sure that you are getting the very best tree services when you pick us.

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Available prices

Our price policy is created in a way that every client has an opportunity to use our services. We offer the best quality for the best price.

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We are experienced and knowledgeable arborists, with a range of specialist techniques and equipment that we apply to all of the tree removal jobs that we work on. We make every effort to recycle green waste so that we can carry out all of our tree care services in a way that helps the environment.

Contact us at LRB Tree Services when you need tree removal in Toowoomba, and we can offer you help and advice about any problem trees that you might have on your property.

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