Our Projects

Jimbour House

Jimbour House is a large stone house designed in 1873-74 by Brisbane architects Suter and Voysey and completed by early 1877 as the Darling Downs residence of Joshua Peter Bell, a prominent Queensland pastoralist and politician. It was also the head station of one of Queensland’s earliest pastoral properties.

The property is heritage listed and boasts a large array of some of the regions most impressive flora. Moreton bay figs, silky oak, hoop pine and the famous bunya pines are prominent features of the property.

LRB Tree Services have the unique opportunity to provide arborist services to Jimbour House, maintaining these features especially as they are heritage listed provided a challenging but extremely rewarding task for our team.

There had been some extreme weather previous to our last visit and a number trees on the property had damaged limbs that were a risk to the health of the tree and subsequently a risk to members of the public strolling thru the premises.

We would like to thank the team at Jimbour house for allowing us to help maintain a very important piece of history.


Coopers Gap Wind Farm

Coopers Gap Wind Farm – which will be one of Australia’s largest wind farms upon completion in 2020 – is a great example of AGL’s commitment to building a sustainable energy future for all Australians. The second greenfield project developed by the Powering Australian Renewables Fund (PARF), the Coopers Gap Wind Farm will have a capacity of 453 MW and produce around 1,510,000 MWh of renewable energy – powering approximately 264,000 average Australian homes.


Coopers Gap Wind Farm is 250 km north-west of Brisbane near Cooranga North, between Dalby and Kingaroy. The site is located on land that’s mainly used for cattle grazing and other farming activities.

It connects to a new Powerlink substation along the Western Downs to Halys 275 kV transmission line built by Powerlink. LRB Tree Services had the opportunity to provide tree services to a sub contractor on the Coopers Gap wind farm project.

The contract required heavy haulage access to the site so the components for the wind farm could be safely transported to the site. LRB Tree Sevices had the task of reducing the canopy on access routes to the site.

It involved surveying of the routes in accordance with the heights and widths required by the heavy haulage operators and subsequently pruning, removing all green material that would interfere with the process. Care was also taken to not harm the ecosystem, specifically habitat trees on these roads.


Pemberton Civil

Pemberton Civil is a large residential property developer in the Toowoomba Region. LRB Tree Services provides tree services, tree removals, tree pruning, treelopping and stump grinding for Pemberton Civil. In most cases LRB Tree Services are the first on site removing any trees and stumps or pruning trees.

Which allows the introduction of a new variety of species to improve the gardens on the property or provides space for development of the property including extensions, a duplex or a garage.


Bromley Construction

Bromley Construction is a large commercial developer based in Brisbane they manage a number of projects in the Toowoomba region. LRB Tree Services provide site clearing, tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, tree lopping, arborist services and green waste recycling.

Many projects demand the use of on site mulching so as to make use of the green waste and minimise environmental effects. The most recent project involved the construction of a large aged care facility and all subsequent services.

LRB Tree Services removed a large number of gum trees that prevented contractors from proceeding with the job. All mulch from site was used for gardens and fill for excavations. The job went smoothly and we look forward to the next challenging tree removal from Bromley Construction.


Canopy reduction

This project involves a very talented developer who had a vision and has the ability to foresee property development and the means to make it happen. This particular job involved the ability to view a prominent Toowoomba landmark from the living area and kitchen of the property.

The client knew that with the right arborist services his property could potentially grow in value not only from renovations but simply reducing the tree canopy surrounding the property to allow the viewing of a particular landmark.

The client called LRB Tree Services and we were thrilled to help, it was a challenging job as we wanted to preserve the beautiful trees in the area whilst allowing the landmark to be seen from both stories of the property.

Once the team from LRB Tree Services had completed the job we visited the property some time afterwards. Having a coffee with the client in his amazing, modern home we could see the beautiful gums surrounding the property and the seamless view between the trees to the top of table top mountain.