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Arborist Services Toowoomba, Darling Downs & South East Qld

LRB Tree Services are in the business of tree care just as much as tree removal.

We are environmentally focused and can provide arboricultural advice for any tree.

Professional Tree Lopping Toowoomba

Trimming or lopping can have benefits such as:

Professional Tree Lopper.


Ensure Long Life

Lopping or Pruning will ensure long life and structural integrity of trees around your Toowoomba home or business.


Storm Prepared

Pruning unsafe overhanging or dead branches from your home and powerlines improves the safety of your Toowoomba property.


Visual Appeal

Ensure visual appeal for trees around your business or home by pruning to shape for better overall appearance.


Increase Light and Air Flow

Thinning out the canopy allows more light to penetrate to lower, smaller trees and plants while reducing canopy “sail weight”.

Arborist Services Toowoomba

LRB Tree Services are a professional vegetation management company operating in SEQ predominantly the Toowoomba region. We have a team of qualified professional arborist personnel and a range of specialist equipment designed to achieve any task in the environmental management space.

Our team will follow the legislation in accordance with Pruning of Amenity Trees AS4373-2007 alternatively if a tree is dangerous or for any reason must be removed, regardless of how complicated we have the experience and equipment to get the job done.

We provide Arboricultural advice on any number of flora species, how they will best serve you in your garden, your home, business premises or rural property. The options are limitless which is why we are so passionate about our field.

LRB Tree Services can help design your green spaces and manage them. We can provide a management and health plan for your trees that may be struggling or possibly didn’t flower this year. We often install habitat boxes for native fauna in clients trees, we can orchestrate the transplant of certain species to your property.

In the planning development stages, LRB Tree Services are often consulted as to what species will best serve the needs of an urban space without costly damages to services and structural integrity in the future. Root barriers can be installed to prevent such damage after the fact.

When you think plants, trees, vegetation management look no further we have built our business to a model that caters to all our client’s needs requiring a diverse skillset and extensive specialised equipment.

We provide free no-obligation quotes we work with local council, energy providers, civil contractors, and all our valued residential clients across the Toowoomba region. We look forward to working with you on all matters vegetation.

Why choose LRB tree services?

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Individual approach

Our experts will take a look at the tree you have and will make the right decision on what is best for your tree, whilst also ensuring your needs are met too.


Best tree service provider since 2013

LRB has also been providing its services since 2013, so you can be sure that you are getting the very best tree services when you pick us.

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Available prices

Our price policy is created in a way that every client has an opportunity to use our services. We offer the best quality for the best price.

Contact Us For Tree Removal In Toowoomba

We are experienced and knowledgeable arborists, with a range of specialist techniques and equipment that we apply to all of the tree removal jobs that we work on. We make every effort to recycle green waste so that we can carry out all of our tree care services in a way that helps the environment.

Contact us at LRB Tree Services when you need tree removal in Toowoomba, and we can offer you help and advice about any problem trees that you might have on your property.

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