Emergency Response – Storm Damage

Early February in South East Qld saw the highest rainfall in twelve months. Prolonged wet weather especially after a drought can cause trees to fail and damage property and potentially injure people.

Firstly a drought can cause cracks in the ground and change the stability of the soil as the limited moisture stops holding it together. Torrential downpours then erode the soil and soften the ground, the combination of strong wind and water running past the base of the tree can cause a tree to fail and fall over becoming potentially deadly.

Emergency Response Storm Damage.

LRB Tree Services have conducted a number of pruning and tree removal operations during extreme weather events in South East Qld. We offer a 24 hours a day 7 days a week service, we understand that tree work isn’t always a planned task.

There are times when trees are damaged, roads are blocked, homes, fences, and vehicles damaged during severe weather. We recommend homeowners are vigilant as prevention is the best method, your trees need to be monitored and regular maintenance will generally prevent a failure before it’s too late.

LRB Tree Services recently conducted the removal of a large paperbark which partially failed crushing the fence and falling on the footpath inches from a vehicle. The most concerning part of this job was that the property was situated adjacent to a school bus stop, so the risk of school children being on the footpath at the time of failure was quite high.

The remaining leader limbs were overhanging the service power line and the client was concerned that further weather would cause a limb to remove the line and cut power to the property. The team at LRB Tree Services were on site in 20 minutes and removed the tree preventing any further risk of damage or injury.

If you’re concerned about trees on your property and the risk that they could damage your property in a storm or you find yourself in an emergency situation regarding a tree don’t hesitate to contact the professional team at LRB Tree Services on 0428 803 364.