Vegetation Management – Noxious weed control

Have you noticed an increase in roadside weeds like Lantana? Has tree pear or boxthorn made itself at home on your grazing land? You are not alone. Research shows that noxious weed control costs Australia nearly $5 billion dollars every year.

A weed is defined as a plant that is growing anywhere it is not wanted. The vast majority of Australia’s most invasive weeds have been purposely planted as aesthetically pleasing garden flowers that have quickly overrun their garden home and invaded roadsides, grazing and cropping land. The noxious spread of these weeds has impacted agriculture, forestry, recreation, and transport industries. Lantana, many varieties of tree pear, and boxthorn are the most common invasive weeds causing havoc in South East Queensland.

Many of these weeds are toxic to livestock and pets if ingested. Lantana in particular has caused major economic damage to grazing enterprises throughout the state. Cattle that have little else to pick on during times of drought turn to the abundant lantana as a food source. Lantana poisoning eventually leads to the death of the animal and can impact entire herds at a time.

Noxious Weeds in a Paddock.

Not only are these weeds harmful to livestock and other animals, it is also detrimental to timber and forestry plantations. The weeds grow around the base of the plantation trees, restricting the tree’s growth and availability of essential nutrients. The mass ground coverage caused by the weeds also acts as a fuel for bushfires. It is easy to see how these weeds can cause widespread economic devastation.

State governments all have their own legislation around the control of noxious weeds. In Queensland, we are governed by the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002.

In compliance with the Act, our Vegetation Management branch is qualified and licensed to handle your noxious weed control needs. Our Quikspray unit as well as our mulching and slashing services have proven so effective in the control of Lantana, tree pear, and boxthorn throughout South East Queensland.


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