Woodchip and Mulch Services

Woodchip and Mulch Toowoomba, Darling Downs & South East Qld.

wood chip

Tree woodchipping and mulching is the process of breaking down waste material.

Reusing waste material from tree lopping, tree revoval or stump grinding is an environmentally responsible choice.

Our tree woodchipping service produces high-quality woodchip or mulch that will help your trees and plants grow better.

Woodchip and mulch can be used around your trees, plants, shrubs and garden beds to improve the soil of your garden.

Mulch and chip is created in the process of local tree and stump removal.

Uses for Woodchip and Mulch

  • Reduces weed growth.
  • Conserve moisture in the soil.
  • Enhance asthetics and natural beauty.
  • Aids loosening of compacted soil

Mulch for the Environment

Wood Chip and Mulch Save Water

Using wood chip or mulch on your garden will give you happy plants while saving water in the process!

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Tree Wood Chip and Mulch Toowoomba