Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal Toowoomba, Darling Downs & South East Qld.

tree removal

We have the knowledge and advanced techniques to fell and remove trees, small or large.

LRB Tree Services can remove any tree safely in a timely manner whilst ensuring your property is not affected in the process in any areas with limited access or proximity to assets.

Cost of Tree Removal

The cost of removal will largely depend on the size and access.

Main Causes for Tree Removal

Tree symptoms; .

  • cracks in the main trunk or branches.
  • is too big for location and could be dangerous.
  • in the way of construction or will be damaged during works.
  • has disease that can spread to other trees or cause death.
  • has insect infestation causing death or spread to other trees.
  • too many create a crowded or unsafe area on your property.
  • invasive non native species amoung native species.

Tree Removal for Safety

Be Storm Prepared
There is no safe way for the average homeowner to remove a large tree. You definitely don’t want to attempt this type of job yourself.

We are experienced qualified Arborists equipped and trained to perform tree removal with comprehensive public liability insurance to protect both you and ourselves.

Don't hesitate to contact us for help or advise.

Tree Removal Toowoomba