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Tree stumps can be ugly, a hazard and attract unwanted pests.
Removal is an option when part of the tree is above or buried in the ground.
If not removed, it will rot and can become home for ants and termites.
Many species are able to regrow from the stump or roots remaining buried in the ground.
Stump grinding is a safe and environmentally friendly method for removal of tree and roots.
Mulch and chip created in the process of tree and stump removal will fill empty space from removal.
Stump Grinding.

Main Causes for Stump Removal

  • is tripping hazard.
  • has started to regrow.
  • is near building and may attract termites.
  • is visually unappealing.

From Stump to Chip in Minutes

Our knowledge and skilled use of our specialised equipment ensures a quick and safe removal.

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