Stump Grinding / Removal


stump grinding Do you have a Stump that needs Grinding?

LRB Tree Services will solve your issues with tree removal and stump grinding.

A Stump Grinder is a cutter wheel with carbide teeth that grinds away at the stump to beneath the soil surface, until it is largely destroyed.

Stump grinding is a safe and environmentally friendly method for removal of tree stumps that can be a hazard or become home for ants and termites.

If you're safety conscious or particular about your yard and landscaping, tree stump removal is a must.


LRB Tree Services are certified arborist's, armed with the knowledge of various tree types.

Many species are able to regrow from the stump and depending upon the species, grinding a tree stump could be a surprisingly pain free process.

Attempting to remove a tree or tree stump removal on your own is never a wise idea. Avoid the hassles and associated dangers by allowing an expert tree solutions specialist like LRB Tree Services to step in and care for removing the tree and/or stump for you.

Regardless if you inherited them via an acquisition of your property or in the event that you never completed a preceding lot clearance project, the stumps are there now and probably causing difficulties.

Negative tree stumps can occupy precious space on your land and are also a safety issue.

Our specialist tree and stump grinding service will grind your tree stumps, assisting your lands expanse and clean appearance.


Our stump grinding method ensures the stump removal is achieved safe, efficiently & environmentally friendly.

Recycling waste stump grinding to produces high-quality woodchip & mulch is an environmentally responsible choice.

Using the recycled wood chip or mulch reduces weed growth, creates happy plants while saving water in the process.

stump grinding


Taking on large projects over the years, LRB Tree Services has developed experience.

We understand the importance of following safe, effective processes while stump grinding and working.

Removing a tree and stump, particularly one that was around for quite long time can be demanding in situations such as clearing out land for new home developments or a new work site.

The LRB Tree Services team is trained and equipped with professional tools and knowledge for any job site to ensure finishing the task is as compact and efficient as possible.

We include our customers through any stage of the decision making process, each step of the way.

Please call LRB Tree Services on 0428 803 364 for any enquires regarding Toowoomba tree services or Toowoomba stump removal and we can happily give you a free no obligation quote.

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