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Bushfire Management

fire seasons Australia’s rugged country, warm climate and the severity of drought all create the perfect scenario for bush fires.

bushfire The bushfire season is typically December to March in the south east of Australia. Droughts, weather patterns and human interaction all play a part in the likelihood of Bushfires.

From rural properties to small apartments, LRB Tree Services has the knowledge and equipment to minimise the risks of Bushfires affecting your home or business.

Firebreaks can be pushed and maintained around high risk zones.

Problem trees pruned or removed that create bushfire fuel in your gutters. Advice and action on the trees on your land that are dangerous and close to possible bushfire corridors.

The Homeowners Bushfire Survival Manual:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0428 803 364 for a free bushfire assessment of your home or business.